Innovators in Logistics

Transwestern Development Company’s Logistics Group develops both speculative and build-to-suit projects in major distribution hubs nationwide. With extensive experience in e-commerce, last-mile infill, and bulk distribution facilities, the Company has completed more than 26.5 million square feet of diversified projects throughout the United States since 2012 surpassing $3.1 billion. Our current pipeline exceeds $5.3 billion, with 59 projects and 33 million square feet currently spread across 10 markets from Southern California to Northeast New Jersey.



Efficient. Reliable. Experienced​

At Transwestern Development Company, our partners and clients are our most important priority. We go the extra mile to make sure they get the best from their investments. From sourcing land acquisitions, to entitlements, to design & engineering, to budgeting, to construction, to leasing to management, we provide institutional class services. Our team has the experience to tackle even the most complex projects.​

We Develop Value.


Connected. Creative. Consistent​

Transwestern Development Company enjoys deep relationships stretching back decades with both the brokerage and ownership communities. A trusted legacy of performance, creativity and reliability provides consistent access and deal flow. Combined with strong execution, we develop value for our partners and clients.

We Develop Value.

Build to Suits

It’s All in the Details​

At Transwestern Development Company, when it comes to build-to suits for either corporate clients or investors, our primary mission is to clearly understand our clients objectives and to provide appropriate, innovative and value driven solutions. We have extensive experience in land acquisition, entitlements, design & engineering, project and construction management.  

We Develop Value.

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